The school diversity helps the children to become open-minded and understanding adults

Paola Barcacel & Jens Toepfer, Dominican/German

06. Juli 2022

We chose the school primarily because of its size and for our children to become fluent in German. We believe that teachers and staff in what is effective a boutique family-oriented school, are able to focus in more effective ways, due to smaller class sizes and the constantly joyful environment.

When visiting the school for the first time, we felt very comfortable with the surroundings, the greenery. The happiness in the kids faces was very obvious even during a brief visit. 

We asked Oliver and Max the question „What do you like about SSiS“ and their answer was “everything”! They have built amazing friends, are incredibly happy with the care and knowledge imparted by their teachers, the fact that it’s a small community and they actually know most of the kids by name, which is quite rare in most schools. Even the staff knows most kids by name. They also enjoy the school meals, the lush environments, the pool, playground, the amazing library with books in different languages, the pace of the lessons offered and the wide range of ECAs offered. Basically, everything 🙂

As one of our main goals was for both kids to become fluent in German, we’re very happy that they’ve picked the language pretty quickly, with the support of additional German Lessons which are offered to non-German speakers. 

The school diversity is incredibly important: even though roughly half of the students come from a Swiss /German background, the other half is made up from a wide range of cultures which allows kids to learn from one another, understand families’ traditions which will we hope will help them become open-minded and understanding adults.

Finally, a number of the Green and Earth related initiatives the school has launched, has instilled in them a sense of responsibility to help the planet and be aware of the challenges facing the environment.

(Paola Barcacel & Jens Toepfer, Dominican/German, Singapore 2022)

From Swiss School in Singapore to USA

Nicolette Meyer

11. Januar 2021

Fourteen years ago in 1996, I eagerly started my first day in playgroup at the Swiss School. Over the next 9 years at the school, I made lifelong friends and had fantastic teachers that taught me to love learning. I have many fond memories of my primary school days: sleeping under the stars in school camps, admiring a hornbill that landed outside our classroom window, and swimming with my friends in various competitions. My bilingual education helped me transition to the Swiss Stream at the English-speaking UWCSEA, where I learnt the value of hard-work and perseverance, and discovered my curiosity for the sciences.

After the IB program and a gap year, I moved to St Andrews – a tiny seaside town in Scotland – for undergrad. In my first week of classes, I had a geology field trip to some local outcrops, and I learnt that field scientists get to go on outdoor adventures as part of their job! I was hooked. After a couple of summers working in different labs, I realized that I like studying the interactions of life and the environment.

Now, I am in the 5th year of my PhD program in Earth System Science at Stanford University in California, USA. I study microbes at the bottom of the ocean, and how they cycle greenhouse gases and affect climate. Cumulatively, I have spent almost 3 months at sea, collecting samples from offshore California and in the Gulf of California, Mexico. When I am not doing fieldwork, you can find me in lab setting up experiments, processing data, or teaching classes. Although I do not know what the future holds after my PhD, I am glad to have found a program that satisfies my science curiosities and lets me go on maritime adventures.

(Nicolette Meyer, Singapore 2021)

Respectful togetherness is a core value at SSiS

Ivan Breiter & Caroline Beaudoin-Chabot, Swiss

30. August 2019

We are now in our seventh year in Singapore. Olivier, our son, was the entire time in the Swiss School in Singapore, he just graduated to join junior college at the Swiss Stream of UWCSEA. Our daughter, Viviane, will be a second-grader in the newly initiated French stream of the SSiS.

The Swiss School in Singapore is the ideal choice for families that prefer a small school in an idyllic setting, where kids can still be kids. Respectful togetherness is a core value of the school. It creates a positive and safe learning environment. The school offers a personalised experience; children get the extra help, if needed, and get fostered in the things they excel.

(Ivan Breiter & Caroline Beaudoin-Chabot, Swiss, Singapore 2019)

La SSiS était le bon choix !

Nadine Bagnoud, Swiss

24. April 2019

Francophones basés à Zurich, nous avons vécu à Singapour entre 2015 et 2018.

Nous avons cherché une école garantissant une certaine continuité au niveau du programme scolaire pour que les transissions, à l’aller comme au retour, se fassent dans les meilleures conditions. La SSiS était le bon choix !

Nos enfants y ont suivi les classes d’enfantine à la 2e primaire pour le cadet et de la 4e à la 6e primaire pour l’aînée. Nos craintes initiales par rapport aux lacunes en anglais ou à l’intégration dans un nouvel environnement ont été vite balayées : le soutien et la disponibilité des enseignants et du personnel administratif, mais aussi la taille modeste, le cadre exceptionnel et l’ambiance générale de l’école nous ont entièrement convaincus et ont permis à nos enfants de s’y sentir à l’aise et d’y être bien suivis.

De retour à Zurich depuis huit mois, ils ont réintégré l’école locale aisément, l’un en 3e primaire, l’autre en 1re année du secondaire.

Dans leurs bagages, d’excellentes compétences en anglais, une foule de souvenirs et d’amitiés et un rêve : retourner un jour à Singapour et à la SSiS !

Nous remercions toute l’équipe de la SSiS d’avoir si bien accueilli et accompagné nos enfants !

(Nadine Bagnoud, Swiss, Singapore 2019)

SSiS understands what my children needs in order to thrive

Cristina & Patrick Schueffel, Swiss

12. September 2018

We are a Swiss family of mixed origins (Italian, German and Welsh). Our children, Megan (10) and Elliot (7), were born in Zurich from where we relocated in August 2017. For us, choosing the Swiss School was one of the best things we could have done to ease the move to Singapore for our children. Not only were the languages spoken helpful, but the systems and processes were familiar to them. This, coupled with the warmth and welcoming nature of all the students and teachers, really made it easy for Megan and Elliot to make new friends and feel “at home”.

The setting of the Swiss School is beautiful, so green and playful.

(mehr …)

(Cristina & Patrick Schueffel, Swiss, Singapore 2018)

Thai by Nationality, Swiss education by choice

Thammika Songkaeo & Jade Vichyanond, Thai

10. September 2018

This year is our daughter Summer-Kae’s second, happy year in Little Tots. Our family is entirely Thai by nationality, but culturally, we are a mix, the parents ourselves having lived in a combination of Thailand, India, Rwanda, Uganda, and several American towns and cities. Although a Swiss education system was not a “necessity” in our familial tradition, we became most attracted to this school because of the warmth of the verdant, cosy environment. That our daughter would learn German, which neither of us speaks, was only a plus, as we believed learning any language that isn’t spoken at home would bring several benefits – of challenge, curiosity, and global citizenship.

As we pick up our daughter daily, it becomes even clearer that we’ve made the right choice. (mehr …)

(Thammika Songkaeo & Jade Vichyanond, Thai, Singapore 2018)

We will miss the Swiss School and its spirit!

Anna-Theres & Dr Georg Singewald, Austrian

10. September 2018

When relocating to Singapore at a very short notice in 2017, we needed to decide remotely for schooling options for our daughter Martha.  A pre-assignment visit had not been possible due to family circumstances, and so we had to rely on several recommendations from „Singapore experienced“ friends. We are grateful for their recommendations, as indeed our daughter had a fantastic time in her „Little Tots“ class … and so had we by seeing her going to school curious, excited and happy EVERY day. Martha asked us regularly if (hopefully) the next day is a school day.

(mehr …)

(Anna-Theres & Dr Georg Singewald, Austrian, Singapore 2018)

SSiS represents European values of letting children play, explore and develop at their own speed

Helen & Tobias Stutz, Swedish & German

12. Juni 2018

 We have two children – Emma, 5 and Lukas, 3. During our first visit to SSiS, we instantly felt attracted to the school! We loved the size, the homely feel and the personal touch. It was exactly the kind of school we had envisioned for our then 3-year-old daughter. She enjoyed attending playgroup and was truly able to blossom in this nurturing environment. Once the decision was made that we would be moving to Munich, we enrolled her for the German Afternoon Extension. We were amazed by the progress she was able to make during the term she attended.

(mehr …)

(Helen & Tobias Stutz, Swedish & German, Singapore 2018)

The school is truly a happy place for our children and that makes us happy. 

Sarah Schneider and family, South African/British and German

29. März 2018

We have three children (ages 7, 4 and 2) at the Swiss School – they are in Primary 1, Playgroup 1 and Little Tots. As parents, we are South African/British and German. Our kids were born in Kenya, Germany and Switzerland. So being a bit of a mixed origins family, we were open to any of the international schools. We liked the way the Swiss School focuses on standard German and English, which are the two languages we speak at home. (mehr …)

(Sarah Schneider and family, South African/British and German, Singapore 2018)

When we saw the lovely and green surroundings with the cosy round building, I knew: This is the right place for my kids.

Christina & Marco Kundert Reuther, Swiss and German

02. November 2017

With international schools, it is like going on a date, the first impression determines whether you believe the environment and curriculum of the school will suit your kids’ needs. When we saw the lovely and green surroundings with the cosy round building, I knew: This is the right place for my kids. (mehr …)

(Christina & Marco Kundert Reuther, Swiss and German, Singapore 2017)



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